Thursday, 17 April 2014

17 April 2014

With the Easter break now under way, we've been catching up with some of the term's events and successes - and of course the end of term festivities!

Throughout the year, the Year 10 boys have been helping out at the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits as part of their SPACE activities. They have assisted with all manner of tasks to help out the Gravel Pits Action Group, and their contribution has been much appreciated.

A team of four boys from Years 9 to 11 have taken part in this year’s Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Top of the Bench’ competition, and come away in second place! Niall Woodward, Jack Virgin, Akshay Pal and Ross Percey did really well to secure the runners-up trophy despite tough competition from 29 other teams from across the UK and Belgium.

The Girls' Division Under 12, Under 14, Under 15 and Under 16 netball teams were all winners at the Bolton Schools' Netball League Finals! The Under 13 team narrowly missed their place in the final in spite of an incredibly close match, which had to be decided on a 'Golden Goal'. Nevertheless, this is an incredibly achievement for all of the girls and a proud moment for the school.

The Boys' Division Under 12 football team also have cause to celebrate: they have won the Town Plate competition! This is a great end to a tough season for the boys.

On the last Saturday before the end of term, Hesketh House Junior Girls' School opened its doors for the annual Spring Fair. A good time was had by all in spite of the rather grey weather, and the girls even managed to perform the Maypole Dance! You can watch a short video clip of their performance here.

The Girls' Division Year 7 pupils have also been especially busy in the run-up to the end of term. The forms competed to see who could raise the most money by running a series of stalls selling sweet treats, with the proceeds going to the charity LivLife. The girls worked really hard to tempt their fellow students into buying their cakes and sweets!

The Junior Boys bid farewell to the term with their Spring Concert on the last evening before the holidays. After a day of final rehearsals in the Boys' Division great hall, they performed a variety of music in front of delighted parents, grandparents and friends. This was a really fitting way to polish off the term.

We have also been catching up with some Boys' Division alumni this week. Chris Fairweather was on the crew of Oxford's reserve boat, Isis, at the Boat Race on the 6th of April. Chris was one of the strongest contenders on the squad for a position on the Blue Boat Crew, so it is no surprise that his efforts helped the Isis to victory on the day.

Old Boys Ed Scott and Ed Grundy were in Aberdeen last week for the Commonwealth Water Polo Championships! Grundy played for Scotland and came away with a bronze medal, while Scott captained the England squad to victory in the tournament and won Commonwealth gold.

Ed Scott (left) and Ed Grundy with their medals

Finally, we have received a wonderful update from Old Boy Ryan Daniels, who completed his degree in the US and is now a Private in the New Zealand Army! The community of Bolton School alumni truly is global.

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