Friday, 13 June 2014

13 June 2014

Various Boys' Division musicians travelled to Brownlow Fold this week to give two concerts to the primary pupils. The Intermediate Guitar Group, Classical Guitar Quartet and Parallel Oreos performed alongside soloists Jake Rajbhandari and Arran Ireland.

Forty Year 4 pupils from ten local primary schools were invited to the Girls' Division on Thursday for a Technology Day based around a Carnival theme! They had a fantastic time trying out three technology subjects: Food Technology, Resistant Materials, and Textiles. At the end of the day, they had colourful masks, fancy headdresses and hand-made pizzas to take home.

Year 2 pupils from six primary schools in the area were also invited to the Leverhulme Pavilion to develop their ball skills. There were several competitive challenges, each one focusing on a different sport, all of which were designed to increase the children's ball skills.

Thursday evening saw the Treasures of Bolton School revealed in an evening focusing on Lord Leverhulme. Historical artefacts, including the School Chest, Headmaster's Chair and Chained Library, were explored, whetting everyone's appetite for the 100/500 Celebrations which will start in 2015.

On Friday, four Boys' Division cricket teams doffed their academic caps after a week of school exams and headed out onto the pitch for a series of matches. Although the U13 team were unsuccessful this year, the U12, U14 and U15 teams played admirably and are now at the quarter final stage in the LSCA County competitions!

In the Junior Boys' School, the football team who played their way to Wembley - and won - are still buzzing from the experience! The boys are enjoying celebrity status even three weeks later. The stories from the day are sure to be remembered for years to come.

There was also some good news from one of the school's Old Boys this week. Clarinetist Arun Ghosh was recently awarded Instrumentalist of the Year at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards!

Finally, thanks to a report commissioned by the ISC, it came to light this week that Bolton School contributes £17m to the local economy! This is in addition to the school's input through charitable and volunteer work and the various programmes of events that the school organises for the wider community, including the Primary Liaison Programme, music concerts and recitals, and physics events in liaison with the school's Ogden Teaching Fellow.

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