Friday, 13 February 2015

13 February 2015

This week, the School welcomed TV Classicist Michael Scott for a talk titled 'Why Study the Ancient World in the 21st Century?' This was a fascinating lecture which investigated many different aspects of Classics and described how the ancient world throws a mirror back at the world today.

It was time for celebration this week as five girls in Years 11 to 13 were selected for the Junior North of England lacrosse squad! This is a great achievement, and follows on from their inclusion in the Lancashire county squad earlier this year.

There was also great news from Old Boy Mark Jagasia, whose first stage play Clarion will debut at London's Arcola Theatre in April. The play is a dark satire about the UK's newspaper industry, a subject with which Mark is familiar as a former editor at several well-known newspapers.

In the Boys' Division, pupils have this week completed the first cycle of Triads. A new addition to the SPACE Programme, Triads offered boys a choice from a variety of activities designed to promote their development and skills beyond the classroom. There was a wide range of activities to cater to most tastes, from a book group to scuba diving classes, and the boys really enjoyed taking part in their selected Triad.

The final session of the Politics Triad was particularly interesting: representatives of four of the UK's political parties visited School to talk to the boys and engage in a lively question and answer session, which also became quite an exciting debate as they weighed in with opinions on one another's answers. This was a great way to get the boys engaged with politics, and also a fantastic opportunity for them to interrogate people involved in politics for themselves.

The younger boys put themselves to the test with the finals of the Year 7 Gymnastics Competition and Year 8 Vaulting Competition this week. At both events, the finalists competed in front of an audience of their peers and were judged by the P.E. staff, before being presented with medals by the Headmaster.

In the Girls' Division, Year 7 pupils took part in the final of the French Spelling Bee on Thursday. The girls competed to see who could correctly translate and spell the most words in just one minute: no easy feat in front of the whole year group! However, all of the girls involved in the final kept their cool and managed to spell an impressive number of words during their turn.

Four pupils at the Junior Boys' School also challenged themselves last weekend at the AJIS Quiz, where they gained second place. This was a fantastic achievement, particularly as they were beaten to first place by just one point!

The Junior Girls' School also had a busy week last week, with a visit from several Magistrates who helped the Year 6 girls put on a mock trial. The girls played different roles to simulate the courtroom experience and learned more about the trial process, as well as finding out more about the wider legal system.

Out of School, Junior Boys' School pupil Karthik Ajith recently took part in the Badminton England U11 Northumberland tournament, where he and his doubles partner took home the gold! Passionate badminton player Karthik also played in the singles competition.

Eighty-five local Year 5 pupils were welcomed to Bolton School last week to take part in a Modern Foreign Languages Day. They followed a carousel of activities and were able to try out a variety of languages from across the globe, which they may not normally have access to through the usual curriculum. They also learned more about different cultures throughout the day.

It was announced this week that a new scholarship to study Medicine at university is being offered to Bolton School Girls' Division Sixth Form pupils. The Dr Edith Forsyth Scholarship Award will cover five years of training, and has been donated by Old Boy Eric Forsyth in memory of his late wife.

On the last day before the half term holiday, pupils in the Girls' Division were treated to a charity Pancake Race and Pancake Cafe in support of the charity PMSF UK! The Pancake Cafe sold out of their 200 pancakes, with 150 of them disappearing during morning break, but there was still the promise of the Pancake Race to look forward to. Girls packed into the Gym gallery to watch as teams raced around an obstacle course, frying pan in hand. The highlight of the day was certainly the final race, during which a team of Deputy Head Girls went up against two staff teams!

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