Friday, 5 June 2015

5 June 2015

A group of Year 5 pupils at the Junior Girls' School recently attended the AJIS Sings! event in Cheshire. They had a fantastic time learning new songs in a variety of styles - from African rounds to a number from the hit musical Matilda!

The Year 8 girls have been making the most of their post-examination period. They enjoyed a multicultural day of Modern Foreign Languages which gave them a taste of several different cultures to inspire them to find out more and increase their interest in language learning. From Spanish salsa dancing to German baking, and introductory workshops in Russian and Italian, there was plenty for the girls to learn while also having lots of fun.

A comedic play entirely in French also piqued the Year 8 girls' interest in languages this week. Erreur d’identit√© - or 'Mistaken Identity' in English - was performed by two native French actors and stretched the girls' skills while also being very entertaining.

Meanwhile the Junior Boys headed to the start line for their annual Fancy Dress Fun Run, which this year supported the charities Derian House Children’s Hospice and Cancer Research UK. The boys donned a spectaular array of colourful costumes, with members of staff also joining in the fun to raise money for the chosen charities.

Old Boy Ross Warburton recently stepped down from the post of president at Bolton Lads and Girls Club - passing on the torch to Old Girl Baroness Trish Morris! Baroness Morris first became involved with the club over 20 years ago and was honoured to become its president.

Year 9 girls from local schools have been inspired by the Spread Your Wings maths project, organised by Girls' Division teacher Miss Reynolds. The five-week course held at Bolton School was run in association with the Shine Trust UK, and gave the girls opportunities to apply Bin Packing algorithms, Minimum Spanning Trees and Shortest Path algorithms to a variety of real world situations.

This week's 'Inspiring Mind' is former Head Girl Lesley Ainsworth, who attended the Girls' Division from 1968 to 1975. She went on to study Law at the University of Oxford and, after many years of experience in competition law, was appointed a panel member of the Competition and Markets Authority in 2013. In her interview, she reveals her fondest memories and greatest inspirations from her time at Bolton School, and offers some great advice to current pupils.

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